Paranormal Supernatural Activity

Paranormal is a word that we most often associate with ghostly apparitions, haunted houses and eerie events. The paranormal refers to much more than just the spirit world though and encompasses everything that defies the laws of nature and goes beyond all reason or scientific explanation. Mysterious, inexplicable events or phenomena, and unearthly or non-human beings, can be described as paranormal and can instill both fear and intrigue in those who experience these abnormal manifestations or events. Ghosts, spooks and phantoms are believed to be the most common type of paranormal subjects, however, extraterrestrial beings (aliens), unidentified flying objects (UFO’s), Bigfoot, Nessie the Loch Ness monster and even mental or psychic forces such as telekinesis and ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) fall into the world of the paranormal/supernatural.

Different Types of Paranormal Beings and Occurrences:

Spiritual entities – Spiritual entities (most often referred to as ghosts) are from a world beyond our realm (the afterlife) and can announce their earthly presence through mysterious, supernatural occurrences or signs that surpass any rational explanation. Apparitions are when humans visually see an image that seems to be very real but is of an immaterial nature and cannot be scientifically explained. A Poltergeist is a spirit who has the ability to make their presence known though noises, rattling or knocking, or flying objects. These events are typically very mischievous or of a violent nature and result in actual physical disturbances for which there is no explanation. These beings are believed to be souls of the dearly departed, who once inhabited the earth in human form, who are trapped between two worlds.

Psychic Phenomena – There are various types of psychic occurrences that are inexplicable and considered to be paranormal activity. These psychic abilities are very different from magic tricks or optical illusions performed by magicians (like Houdini, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, and David Blaine) as there is a scientific explanation or physical evidence of how those magicians accomplish their tricks or illusions – they are just very good at keeping it a secret.

Telekinesis – also known as psychokinesis, is the psychic ability to physically move objects without actually touching those objects. Some examples would be moving an object (like a glass or dish) across the table, making an item (such as a chair) float in thin air, and there have even been claims that some individuals can even bend metal without physically touching it. This is said to occur through mental thoughts alone and not the use of physical energy.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) – is the ability to sense things with the mind. ESP comes in many forms and is also known as the sixth sense, clairvoyance, telepathy, premonitions and precognition. In a paranormal sense, these mental or supernatural abilities are perceived as a very keen intuition that something is about to happen (a hunch), the ability to mentally communicate with the afterlife, and the ability to visually see things that have not yet happened yet or the ability to predict the future.

Cryptids – are also known as paranormal subjects. There have been documented sightings of cryptids for centuries and many are still believed to be in existence today. Cryptids are animals that are said to be extinct or they are a non-human being in animal form for which there is no scientific evidence or explanation. Bigfoot (also commonly referred to as Sasquatch), the Loch Ness Monster, and Chupacabra are some of the most famous cryptids in history. Many do not believe in the existence of cryptids and discount their existence to folklore or urban legend.

Alien abductions, crop circles and unidentified flying objects are another common type of paranormal phenomena. Although scientists have been involved for years in the search for extraterrestrial life in our solar system, unexplained sightings of UFO’s and claims of alien abductions are paranormal events for which there is no scientific evidence or explanation. Individuals have made claims for years of alien abductions where they were captured (most often taken from their bedroom or an automobile) and brought to a spaceship where tests were performed on them, their memory of the experience purged, and then they were returned to earth. Many of these individuals begin to experience nightmares, severe anxiety and other psychological issues which eventually begins to uncover their experience related to the abduction. Again, there is no proof or physical evidence of these so-called abductions and individuals who have made claims of alien or UFO sightings or abductions have no way to scientifically substantiate their experience.

The paranormal is a world beyond comprehension by many. Visions of ghosts, monsters, and UFO’s along with unexplained mysteries, communication with the dead, premonitions of the future and other psychic phenomena are experiences that are very real to some people but offer no explanation of how it could possibly have occurred. Paranormal experiences have existed for centuries and will, no doubt, continue to occur for many years to come.