Well to begin with, I have always been interested in the paranormal pretty much all my life. I can still remember myself as a child and attending one of my first book fairs. As a child I loved to read books which were based mostly on science and adventure. It wasn’t until I first saw a book on cryptozoology where my interest in the paranormal first began. Now even though a lot of people would say crypto zoology is not really a supernatural topic it nevertheless directed me on the road to all types of various paranormal subjects.

So ever since then my interest in the paranormal has increased exponentially, everything from ghosts, crypto zoology, Bigfoot to unidentified flying objects. Basically if it deals with the supernatural I’m interested in it with an open mind. Now having said that I am most definitely not one of these people who believe everything I hear or see. Unfortunately too many people become so engulfed in the subject they become too naïve and virtually believe everything they see or hear regardless of how much evidence there is of a hoax or some type of tampering going on.

So basically I am open-minded and I’m very interested in the paranormal world however I will always call it how I feel regardless if it’s the real deal or just another hoax. Because in the end whether your skeptic, a true believer or someone in between; we should all be striving to find the truth. Just like that great TV show the X-Files stated “the truth is out there”. There’s a very good chance that science will eventually catch up to various supernatural topics and they will pass from the fringe to mainstream science. So until that time people will continue to discuss, debate and speculate.

Remember scientist has been saying for years that the giant squid was nothing more but a figment of Fisherman’s Imaginations until an actual giant squid was caught and eventually filmed alive in the deep ocean. Another great example is multiple universes, they have always been considered science fiction until recently several mainstream scientists have indicated the possibility of several multi-universes existing side-by-side. Essentially different copies of our planet existing independently throughout the cosmos. Very exciting stuff, the point of all this folks is the world is vast and the universe is unimaginatively massive, there is still plenty of room for mystery and awe.