Bigfoot An Emotional Observation

The Patterson film also known as the PG film is what you call the Holy Grail for Bigfoot believers very similar to the Roswell incident, which is considered the smoking gun for UFO believers. Even though one of these is 8mm motion picture and the other is a supposed incident that occurred, they’re both very similar because of what they represent to believers of both occurrences.

Now, I am not trying to prove or disprove either account, each incident has its pros and cons in terms of authenticity, I am more interested in the overall picture of true belief or not. The Patterson film debate has been going on now for many years I don’t see it ending anytime soon. In fact, just like hard-core UFO believers, if any of the remaining people directly connected with the Patterson film came out and said it was a 100% hoax, people would still say it was a real female Bigfoot. (Patty)

This happens all the time in the UFO/extraterrestrial community. Now the point of all this is not to say that Bigfoot or UFOs do not exist, but at what point do we lose our common sense and just think with our hearts and emotions. In the UFO community this happens on a small level multiple times a year and in high-profile cases, a couple of times over the years.

I bring up the hard-core acceptance in UFOs because it relates to the unshakable belief in Bigfoot very accordingly and in particular the Patterson film. In the UFO community it happens every so often, much more than it does in the Bigfoot community, but people do come out and finally admit to hoaxes, for whatever reason. Often times, it’s for financial gains or they just simply grow tired or feel guilty about their hoax.

Yet there will still be a small collection of hard-core believers who will not accept that it is a hoax and never will. This happened both in the UFO community as well as the Bigfoot community where people have come out and admitted a hoax or have been disproven beyond any other possibility.

Roswell incidentThese folks need to ask themselves the questions, am I thinking rationally, am I using logic, am I using common sense or am I thinking instead with my heart and emotions. When you start thinking with your heart and emotions instead of facts in these types of scenarios you are quickly sliding down a slippery slope.

UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot and the paranormal in general fascinates me, however, I never let my emotions get in the way of the facts. I believe it is important to be emotional and open-minded but it can never and should never interfere with the facts or just plain common sense.

When you lose logic and basic common sense you lose everything, your judgment goes right out the window. In my opinion, keeping an open mind to all possibilities is just as imperative as the actual belief in BigfootUFOs or the paranormal in general.

Keep in mind this is not about Bigfoot sightings or if the Patterson film is authentic or not. Like I said before, there are many variables with the PG film which help its case for being a real animal, but on the other hand, there are also many aspects that point to a hoax. The point of all this is, keep an open mind to all possible scenarios and outcomes.

Don’t be so hardheaded that even if you’re a strong believer in a particular topic, at least keep yourself open to other suggestions because in the end we all want the same thing; We want the truth.

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