Does Bigfoot Eat Humans

Like I’ve mentioned before I generally watch finding Bigfoot with my little nieces. To me it’s really just a form of campy entertainment however to my nieces they seem to really enjoy it especially Bobo’s Bigfoot howls and woops. As usual they will ask me various questions throughout the show. One question that obviously has come up is what do Bigfoot eat and even does Bigfoot eat humans. It’s a little weird but my young nieces seem to be fascinated by Bigfoot yet scared at the same time.

Nevertheless these are very significant questions which seem to have some volatility among Bigfoot investigators throughout the world especially the question if Bigfoot’s eat humans. As with all things Bigfoot there are always countless thoughts on different subject matter and this is no different. There are number of people I have heard over the years say that Bigfoot is essentially a vegetarian. It spends most of his day or night eating edible plants and berries and other similar forms of sustenance. Now just for the record I find that pretty hard to believe, if you’re talking about a flesh and blood animal it takes a lot more than just salad to his satisfy his metabolism and hunger.

The more accepted theory is that Bigfoot is an omnivore who consumes edible plants, raw vegetables, fruits/berries, nuts and various types of meats. This would make more sense because an animal the sheer size of a fully grown Bigfoot would require nutrients from various sources in order to not just lose weight but to continue developing in a normal rate. It is a basic fact of life the bigger you are the more you require to eat in order to at the very least sustain the weight you need in order to survive.

Does Bigfoot Eat HumansIf you believe Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal and not something paranormal then there are several basic facts which are universal to this planet. Hence there are a small group of Bigfoot researchers who believe in the possibility of Bigfoots killing humans and even eating them. Essentially what these Bigfoot researchers are implying is that all the various people who seem to have simply disappeared across the various forests/woodlands of this planet may have in fact been killed and eaten by Bigfoot’s.

Is this theory plausible, well if you believe in Bigfoot I suppose it’s a possibility. If Bigfoot actually exists then the probability of any them having killed a human being within their lifetime is very plausible. The question is, has there ever been a Bigfoot who has deliberately killed a human being in order for it to eat. Without question the majority of Bigfoot advocates and researchers believe Bigfoot is a docile species. But who knows, can there be Sasquatch rogues out there who actually eat humans just like great whites. There is a fascinating debate whether there are some sharks who actually prefer eating human beings and actively seek them out for dinner.

Regarding the serious question if you’re Bigfoot believer which is do Bigfoot’s eat humans there is simply no evidence at all. In fact only thing we can say for sure is people go missing while camping unfortunately every so often for variety of reasons. If most people went out into the forest well-equipped and with the proper mindset I would venture to say a large number of people would not be disappearing on these wilderness trips. I would say your chances of being eaten by an American black bear are an infinite times greater than the legendary Bigfoot.

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