Finding Bigfoot My Thoughts

I have been watching the animal planet show “Finding Bigfoot” lately, actually, I’ve been watching since the beginning. However, it took me the second season to really pay attention to the show and even though I don’t know any of the members of the team personally, I have a few observations of the team members and the show as a whole.

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of opinions and comments from various people about the show, both positive and negative and more importantly, does the show actually help Bigfoot research or does it hinder it. Personally, I find the show more or less entertaining in regardless whether it does Bigfoot research any true benefit at all.

Honestly, even though I find the show entertaining, I don’t really think it’s doing Bigfoot research any favors. The reason I actually like the show is more for the interaction among the cast members in the show then the actual premise of the show.

Now, I don’t like to put down people, especially behind their back or in this case in front of a desktop, however I will state my opinions of the show. The main characters of the show are Ranae Holland, James “Bobo” Fay, Cliff Barackman and Matt “Shake That” Moneymaker the “leader” of the group. Now, for the most part each one of them is pretty likable in their own unique way.

Finding BigfootBobo, Cliff and Matt are the Bigfoot believers and Ranae is the resident skeptic and biologist. Now the whole premise of the show is they all pick an area somewhere in the United States, which has had a recent Bigfoot sighting. Typically, the Bigfoot sightings are in the form of a video and they travel to the area and investigate the footage and attempt to authenticate it and at times hold a town meeting discussing Bigfoot.

It’s actually quite amusing watching Bobo or even Ranae posing as Bigfoot, although Bobo does seem to enjoy it a bit too much. Bobo and Cliff are both very much into Bigfoot and fun to watch, while Matt moneymaker to me seems almost borderline manic about Bigfoot. This is where my only real problem with the show comes about.

I enjoy all the banter between all the cast members and in particular the exchanges between Ranae and Matt moneymaker. I don’t believe Matt’s passion for Bigfoot is insincere; however, every sound in the forest is not Bigfoot, not every tree knock, howl, branch breaking and every weird noise is a Bigfoot! In fact if you believe as most people do not none of it is actually Bigfoot.

This really has nothing to do with the fact if you’re believer in Bigfoot or not but more of an observation. I do enjoy when Matt and Ranae discuss their opinions for a bit, typically Ranae is always the voice of reason. And the one true thing that really does bug me about Matt is his habit of being nasty when you disagree with his observations. Apparently Matt Moneymaker wrote the Bible of Bigfoot or so he thinks.

God forbid everything is not Bigfoot or Matt will be an unhappy camper. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate the guy and find him entertaining as well, he just needs to chill out a little bit; it doesn’t look good on TV. Besides that, it’s a fun show and I recommend you watch if you have the time and you’re interested in Bigfoot. Will you learn something new, I highly doubt that. However watching finding Bigfoot is good clean wholesome entertainment the whole family can enjoy Sasquatch skeptics and believers alike.

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