Is Bigfoot An Alien

Most Bigfoot researchers and organizations insist that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood animal and probably a relic from the past which has found a way to survive all these years in seclusion. There are also many different types of theories out there about Bigfoot concerning what it is and where they come from. One theory which comes up every so often is the possibility that Bigfoot is an alien which has been brought over to our planet for some particular reason. Others claim that Bigfoot itself is not an alien however is some type of experiment which is being conducted by extraterrestrials visiting our planet.

There is a notion out there that Bigfoot is a type of alien which is being brought over by the Alien Greys in UFOs for some specific reason. There are people who believe that Bigfoot is a type of scouting being collecting all types of data for the grays. Essentially Bigfoot is portrayed as some type of slave worker to these grays. Another interesting opinion out there is that on the contrary Bigfoot is not helping the grays but is in fact being deposited here on planet Earth because they are not wanted from their home planets, basically they are being exiled. The advocates of this idea believe these Bigfoot’s being deposited here are the unwanted/criminals of their home planet and are being left here for eternity or for a set amount of time just like we do with our criminals and jail.

There is also the idea that Bigfoot is some type of robotic drone worker for the grays as well as other extraterrestrials species out there. This theory is interesting because in the UFO community there are UFO investigators who actually believe that alien grays are drone workers and even possibly mechanical in nature for other highly sophisticated preeminent extraterrestrials.

Now if these theories weren’t interesting enough for you another one often spoke about is the idea that Bigfoot is actually some type of hybrid being created by the grays for some reason? Advocates of this idea believe that Bigfoot is an actual hybrid between a human being and obviously a gorilla created by the alien grays as one giant elaborate experiment. Now you might ask yourself why they are doing this, people have come up with many motives for this however in general people believe the aliens are finding different ways to manipulate our genes, specifically our DNA.

At this point you may be wondering how the whole connection between Bigfoot and UFOs began with. According to various Bigfoot sightings around the world there is a certain percentage of these encounters which include people observing UFOs right before or after the sightings. Also in various areas known as hotspots in the paranormal field there have been reports of UFOs been spotted and Bigfoot type beings within the area subsequently. There are even reports of Bigfoot’s observed accompanying alien beings for unknown reasons here on the planet, people can only speculate why at this point.

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