Is Finding Bigfoot Real Or Fake

A very popular show these days based on the topic of Bigfoot is animal planet “finding Bigfoot” television show. It has now been on for a couple of seasons at the time of this posting and receives good ratings for its network. The basic premise of the show is a mixture of Bigfoot believers and a skeptic who follow-up on Bigfoot reported sightings around the world and try to determine if they are real or in fact a hoax. There is Bobo, Matt moneymaker, Cliff and Renée the skeptic; they travel around the world together investigating these alleged Bigfoot encounters people are having.

Not considering how popular the show is these days like I said before, one question a lot of people seem to ask is “is finding Bigfoot real or fake”. Quite frankly I believe is a very legitimate question especially for people who are truly interested in knowing if Bigfoot/Sasquatch really does exist or is merely just a figment of people’s imagination or animal misidentification. The American black bear is often cited as one of the animals frequently misidentified as Bigfoot. Having said that people just want to know if finding Bigfoot is fake or even some type of reality scripted show.

The fact of the matter is only the Bigfoot investigators, producers and the finding Bigfoot film crew would ultimately know the true answer. Having said that there are some things we do know about the TV show from people within the show itself and others with no direct connection. For one thing everyone on the show has insisted that the show is completely real and what you see, hear completely happened. Now I know many people might find that hard to believe that there is no fakery happening however the finding Bigfoot crew insist it is all legitimate.

In fact I remember reading about incident a few seasons ago where one of the staff members purposely was creating Bigfoot sounds such as wood knocking in order to fake some Bigfoot evidence. For what I understand once this individual was caught he was subsequently fired or reassigned to something else. The point is the people on the show presumably want an authentic TV show documenting the search for Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

On a personal note, I myself watch the show whenever I can. Do I watch the show because I believe I will learn something about Bigfoot or even see them catch one one-day? Well the answer to that is absolutely not, it is purely for entertainment value and I am a sucker for watching paranormal/mystery type TV shows. In fact sometimes I think I need to curb my paranormal, Cryptids and UFO documentaries because it takes up way too much of my time occasionally! Lol