Todd Standing

In the world of Cryptozoology and specifically Bigfoot there are many different characters playing different roles. We have Bigfoot believers, the skeptics, Bigfoot researchers, Bigfoot hunters, Bigfoot activists and of course the Bigfoot hoaxers. As stated before we have different people playing different roles and then we have some unique individuals who portray themselves as a combination of various roles put together. One such person is the infamous Todd standing; Mr. Standing is the real deal to some people however to many in the Bigfoot community he is just a prolific hoaxer.

Todd standing has quite an expansive and eccentric resume when it comes to the Bigfoot community. It would take several blog posts to cover him in detail however I will cover several of his most important Bigfoot milestones within this piece. In a nutshell Mr. Standing claims to be a Bigfoot activist and some kind of Bigfoot whisperer. This individual single-handedly has produced some of the most clearest high definition Bigfoot video and photography ever released to the general public. In fact his Bigfoot evidence in terms of clarity and detail cannot be compared to any other Bigfoot investigator. And due to the fact that his Bigfoot film and pictures is so crystal clear investigators have been debating for years now whether he is the real deal or it’s just all an elaborate hoax.

Essentially Todd standing came out of nowhere with these incredible high definition Sasquatch pictures, video, documentary and stories of Bigfoot encounters he has had. Furthermore Todd claims he was able to ascertain all this incredible Bigfoot evidence from a secret treacherous Bigfoot dwelling which he found while Bigfoot tracking and researching. Todd’s Bigfoot video and pictures has been extensively examined by Bigfoot researchers across the world and a large number investigators have come to the conclusion that it’s fabricated knowingly by Todd standing. Nevertheless there are still a good amount of supporters which is make the claim that Todd standing is 100% legit.

Todd StandingIn summary Bigfoot investigators have said the Bigfoot’s which have been photographed by Todd have a striking resemblance to a puppet/mannequin. In other words the subject does not appear to be a true organic/biological animal but in fact a well-made life sized Bigfoot dummy. With regards to his Bigfoot videos they seem to be merely people in Bigfoot suits, nothing particularly screams out real Bigfoot. In fact quite the opposite due to the high definition people seem to be able to pick out oddities much easier confirming a hoax in their opinions. Todd has also subjected biological material to DNA testing such as Bigfoot hair however the results were identified as either being human or other known species which Todd greatly repudiated. Todd standing insisted it was not human but in fact a Bigfoot.

Recently he made headlines in the Bigfoot community when Todd and Les Stroud from survivor man agreed to search for Bigfoot together. Featured together in the spinoff survivor man Bigfoot edition they were recorded hunting down Bigfoot together in remote areas where according to Todd standing Bigfoot activity can be observed. They found tree trunks positioned in weird configurations, possible Bigfoot tracks and Bigfoot sounds such as the infamous Wooop. Giving credit where credit is due Les Stroud said the alleged Bigfoot evidence is interesting but inconclusive at best. However on the other hand Todd was completely convinced they encountered multiple Bigfoot’s. Whether Todd standing is a Bigfoot hoaxer or not the search continues.

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